About me

Thomas Ihle


Birthday: 28.02.1974

City of birth: Halle/Germany



I live in Thailand since 1999 and I am a member of various scientific Museums and Institutes.


For example:

Zoological Research institute and Museum Alexander Koenig,

Bonn, Germany


Entomological Museum and Library

Dr. Ulf Eitschberger, Marktleuthen, Germany


Phyllodrom, Institute and Museum

for Rainforest research, Leipzig,



Natural History Museum Erfurt, Germany


Museum Broth. Amnuay Pinratana, St. Gabriel’s College, Bangkok, Thailand


Entomological Society Nuernberg, Germany   





Our aim is to explore and research the biodiversity of Southeast Asian region.

Through my field work in recent years I discovered many new species and knowledge about the distribution of many species.



Archaeoattacus edwardsii (White 1859)
Archaeoattacus edwardsii (White 1859)
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